Plus One Improvement Exam October 2023 QP & Answerkeys

Plus One Improvement Exam October 2023 QP & Answerkeys, Plus One Improvement Question Paper and Answer Key October 2023

The Higher Secondary first year improvement exam for the academic year 2023 took place from October 9th to October 13th, 2023. The evaluation of answer scripts for the improvement examination is anticipated to commence during the last week of October 2023. Dedicated camps have been assigned in each district to ensure efficient evaluation for all subjects.

To ensure minimal disruption to regular classes, the valuation process of answer scripts for the Plus One improvement exam 2023 will be conducted in two phases across all districts in the state. 

All question papers for the improvement examination of all subjects are published here for the self-evaluation of first-year higher secondary students who have appeared for the exam. Additionally, these papers can also be used as reference study material by all plus one students to understand how to write in order to score higher marks. Please click on the link below to download the question paper along with the answer key for each subject.

Plus One Improvement Exam Official Scheme-Oct 2023 by DHSE

Question Paper

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Answer key

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